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Welcome to the world of Xcanda (which means “my dream” in Zapotec language); the world of dreams, reflections and meditation through creation.

My name is Lena Hrybok, Ukrainian-born artist, residing in Atlanta, GA and a founder of Xcanda Creations.


An explorer of many mediums, I fell in love with dot painting and mandala creation around 2018 after extensive traveling and connecting with different cultures around the globe. Mexico, its people and culture, takes a special place in my heart and that’s where the name Xcanda (eks -kuhn-duh) comes from.

My Creations are inspired by the beauty of Nature, wisdom of vanished civilizations, by old songs and dances.


As its own circle of life, each of my mandalas tells its own story, projects it's feeling, shares an inspiration.


It gives me a great joy when my pieces find their places in homes all over the world.

For any questions about purchasing, exhibitions, and classes, or if you would like to get in contact with me, please send me a message.  

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